Beer at the Leschi Market

The Leschi Market has expanded its beer selection to include some exceptional Belgian, German and Slovak beers along with many excellent domestic craft beers.

Did you know that outstanding beers can do amazing things with food, and go many places where wine doesn’t? Can you imagine what the right beer can do for Mexican, Indian, Thai, or Japanese? Can you imagine going to a fine restaurant in Belgium and not seeing the diners enjoying an excellent Belgian beer with their mussels and frites?

Beer has the bitterness to cut through fat, carbonation to refresh the palate, caramelized flavors to match those in your food, and sweetness to soften a spicy dish. Whatever your food: pate, sushi, sausage, or a rich chocolate dessert—there is a perfect beer to match for your meal.

The exciting array of great beers available at the Leschi Market will open a whole new world of fantastic flavors for your palate and add to your dining experience.

Leschi Market wines

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